A Big Bowl of Motivation: Anxiety

Consider this your “Motivation Monday”.


Anxiety. The word itself makes me feel anxious.

Why is it so many silly little, often times, unimportant things makes a person feel so uneasy?

The type of subject that can make one cringe. Panic. Stress out. Go from sane to insane in 0-100 real quick just from thinking about it. Continue reading “A Big Bowl of Motivation: Anxiety”

Be Like Iris

More is more and less is bore – Iris Apfel
Iris Apfel has become my spiritual animal since I saw her documentary Iris on Netflix. I’ve always knew about her but this documentary gave me a better insight of who she truly is: fierce, fun, and ninety something years old that has not stopped for one second.
Just look at her. Talk about inspiration.

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RHONY Recap: The Good, The Bad & The Tinsley


Get your pinot ready, it’s time for a quick recap. Here’s what you’ve missed:

Carole and new-girl Tinsley, calling her T for short, talks about re-inventing themselves. Well, Carole suggested for T to to re-invent herself in the city. Suggesting she’d cut her hair, and I’m pretty sure if she cut all her hair off, she’d look like a British man. 

#ThanksButNoThanksCarole Continue reading “RHONY Recap: The Good, The Bad & The Tinsley”

A Big Bowl of Motivation: Goals

Consider this your “Motivation Monday”


What is your five year goal?

That may sound like a redundant HR question and probably one of the topics a LinkedIn influencer might touch base on from time to time.

Have you stopped to think what goals you have for the next five years? And what measures you’re taking to make it happen?

Is it a promotion at your job? Launching your own business? Traveling the world? Getting married? Learning a new language? Finishing a degree?

How did today help achieve those goals? Continue reading “A Big Bowl of Motivation: Goals”