I Don’t Speak Italian, But I Do Speak Moschino

Jeremy Scott is one of the most talked about designers. After his latest fashion show this week in Milan, his collection for Moschino has shocked the crowd; some ways better than others.

 When I think of high fashion I immediately think of fine details of embroidery and jewels; never SpongeBob SquarePants’ face on a coat. Not only was SpongeBob featured in Moschino’s last collection, so was McDonald’s, Cheezy Bits and other snack goodies.

 Was he hungry when making this collection? Or is this true inspiration?

 Moschino is a very respected fashion company in the fashion world. Jeremy Scott has accepted his new role at Moschino saying “It’s such a no brainer”– and I have to agree with him. He sure knows how to get the people talking—and it’s pretty, kind of sort of, amazing.

 If he was hungry or not while coming up with the concept for his latest collection, his method worked as a way to grab people’s attention. He did not stay inside the box. Jeremy Scott ventured and went beyond, to a place we thought a fashion designer would never go.

Although his newest collection didn’t quite scream the fashionista out of me, it makes me appreciate his unique and bold designs. Aside from the crazy prints he chose to use, the garments itself were impeccable.

 Makes me wonder what else he has in store for Moschino.



(Moschino RTW Fall 2014; photo by Davide Maestri — WWD)


Author: Caroline Franco

Marketing & PR

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