The Downton Look

The Downton Look

Today is #DowntonSunday. For those of you who don’t know, which I would highly recommend that you should, “Downton Abbey” is a British drama series that has rapidly taken over U.S and not to mention our hearts.

What is wonderful about this show, other than soothing English accents, wealthy living, and good looking Brit men in tux’s, it’s their everyday fashion. Every detail, every drape are so exquisite that I’m always curious of what will appear before my eyes.

Downton Abbey reached the Roaring Twenties, also known by me as the most wonderful time of the fashion era. In the show, we see a switch in the characters wardrobe, where pastels and blend colors are no longer in the play (thank goodness). We get to see more daring necklines, vivid colors, and not to mention to die for jewelry.

Can we still emulate the so called “Downton Look” into our everyday lives? Well my answer is, yes. Although fashion has transformed throughout the decades, we can still appreciate and incorporate those styles to today’s fashion.

Here’s how:

Headbands: Although my lovely fashion professor would beg to differ, headbands are a great way to accessorize and give your outfit the boost that it needs. Specially jeweled headbands. Just remember to stay away from too much feather, or in my opinion stay away from feather at all (c’mon, it’s not a costume party).

Dresses: below the knee dresses. You might be thinking, “eh-boring” but it can also be super flirty and fun. Longer dresses are also more “Lady Mary” like. Also, opt for dresses beaded embroidery on the back.

Tops: Some of us aren’t the “gown-y” type of person, nor can we wear beaded dresses all the time—I mean we could, but do we really want to? So for tops—I’d recommend beaded embroidery with a hint of silver or gold because it’s always more fun with metal details.
Fringes: do go for fringe, just don’t go all crazy with it. Although fringe is somehow “the face” of Roaring Twenties and a great collaboration to the wardrobe of Downton, let’s not overdue it, okay?

If you want to go all out throw a Downton party with flapper gowns, jeweled headbands, jeweled head cap (so need one) and gloves. You know I’ll be wearing mine tonight.
Can’t wait for tonights episode. Downton Abbey on PBS Masterpice, Sunday’s at 9PM est.




Author: Caroline Franco

Marketing & PR

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