All Black Everything


We have all, I’m sure, countless of times stared at our closet without having a thing to wear. A closet full of clothes, with nothing to wear? Hashtag first world probs, right?

Although it may seem hard to find something, specially when its last minute, I always manage to look some-what put together. Its my little trick called “black on black on black” or “all black everything”.

Sure, you probably know about the “all black everything” rule. So I’m just here to reinforce it and/or remind you of it.

All Black Everything — the breakdown
You want to look cute, you want to look fierce and nothing to wear — opt for a pair of black pants, pair it with a black shirt and ALWAYS wear heels. It sets the tone. Really.

Also if you can incorporate leather. Its the “tell me about it, stud” Sandy attitude from Grease! And what girl doesn’t want that?!

And remember, hair down and put some color on those lips.

Happy Saturday.




Author: Caroline Franco

Marketing & PR

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