The Essie Getaway

The Essie Getaway

Manicure Monday

A Quickie on the Hottest Nail Polish Color.

Since Spring is literally around the corner—Next week, y’all, it’s offish—What better way than start preparing not only Spring fashion, but also Spring nails?

I’m obsessed with Essie nail colors, I mean, what girl isn’t? My favorite color for this season is “Resort Flirting”, part of the Resort ‘ 14 collection.

It’s the perfect combination of sun, fun & flirty.

Ahh, I can already picture myself tanning on the beach in St Maarten, with my nails looking perfectly, matching my sun- kissed skin.

Here are the name of the other colors from the Resort ’14 Collection:

Cocktails and Coconut
Find Me an Oasis
Under the Twilight

Because every color is a new memory.

Go check it out. And treat your nails to a nice Essie getaway.




Author: Caroline Franco

Marketing & PR

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