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Introducing .Bk’s men’s limited edition shirts.

Don’t you just hate when you go out and all of a sudden bump into someone wearing the same exact outfit as you? In the girl world, this is a fashion disaster and a “Who wore it best” contest. You did, of course. In the guy world, this would probably cause high-five’s and casual laughs—seriously, why are guys so chill?

Men’s fashion is becoming bigger than it has ever been. Now a days, guys are no longer wearing just t-shirts, sweatpants, chillin’ with no make-up on…Er, don’t get me wrong (Drake remix, anyone?).


Fashion matters, and men are aware of it. And why not be caught-up-to-date with a new “hipster” collection?


The Start-up CEO is located in Brooklyn, providing men with limited edition button down shirts that any guy be lucky to have. Here’s a little 4-1-1 for you, fellas.


The Shirts

They are all made of one-of-a-kind material that makes amazing button downs for you. There is the Start-Up Stripe in Fabric Embroidered Poplin, The Flecked Herringbone Cloth Button Down and The Flecked Herringbone Cloth Button Down:

My favorite is the Herringbone Cloth Button Down in ivory, if I may add. Not only does it resemble the skeleton of a fish, it’s also the perfect shirt to pair up with a white olive colored shorts and boat shoes for the warm weather ahead. Hint hint: Spring’14 must have.

The cool thing about the .Bk look is that it can be the type of button down worn for any occasion. It has a complex laid back look, but it also definitely can be a formal shirt (paired with the right pants and jacket, obvi).


.Bk only makes 100 of each shirts, meaning if you’re lucky you might be able to get one. Seriously, .Bk, start making some women’s limited apparel because the #struggle is real.


Because you shouldn’t have to share your style with thousands of people.”. And I completely agree.




(Available for purchase on Kickstarter for $53.00)


Author: Caroline Franco

Marketing & PR

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