Pick A Color, Any Color; World Cup Fashion

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The most anticipated, well at least for me, event of 2014 is finally here– FIFA 2014 World Cup in no place other than Brazil. As a huge soccer fan (I know, right) my eyes are glued to the t.v. 24/7 following the games and rooting for my fav team. Since jersey’s are not a flattering look, I’ll give my fashion advice on how to make it work even when lounging around and screaming at the t.v screen.

First thing’s first: Pick A Color, Any Color

If you’re not a soccer fan nor do you have preference in a team then just pick a team with good colors, preferably one that compliments your features. But, I’d say if you want to do this right, pick a good team, it’s always more fun.

I’m rooting for Brazil, of course. So feel free to join in on the fun green, yellow and blue bandwagon. There are many other teams out there to join too; Holland, Mexico, Uruguay, England, (NOT) Argentina… and so on.

gisele e neymar

Make it Work:

As Tim Gunn would say “Make it work” that is the goal for making jersey’s and unflattering colors work. But hey, that’s the beauty of it, you get to be creative and wear things you’d never would if it wasn’t for the World Cup (because really, you will never see me wearing a jersey. Ever).

No jerseys for us—this look you can play it however you want. The best think you can do is to represent your chosen country with your own style in bright colors.

This look given is for Brazilian fans, but it can most definitely be incorporated into any colors of your favorite team.

(Outfit taken from Vogue Brasil)

This is a chic-fan look, something you wouldn’t see in a stadium but rather in a World Cup Pre/Post Party.


Yellow mid-knee dress (Stella McCartney), blue cheetah printed pumps (for ya know, some flava-flav), blue clutch (Farfetch Brasil) and a necklace with green detailed stones. If the yellow is too bright, or just a color that you don’t really like (ahem, me) then go for a blue or forest green dress. Just remember to stay in your color perimeters.

If you’re looking for something less chic and more casual: opt for a high waisted skirt, and a fitted jersey top. Make sure the skirt is a neutral color from the flag colors. And remember, always accessorize accordingly.

If you’re a crazy futebol fan: If you’re so passionate about the sport, the event, or you just feel like you want to blend in with other soccer maniacs at the bar—then just go for it. This is the only time it’s okay to do so, without getting the fashion police involved. So let your hair down, and go all out.

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 10.33.16 AM

May the best team (Brasil) win.


P.S. For the Argentinian fans: It’s not personal, it’s soccer.


Author: Caroline Franco

Marketing & PR

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