Let’s Get Lost & Drive All Night


“Let’s get lost and drive all night” Well at least for the Summer.

Are you suffering from terrible song syndromes, when the the “words mean nothing you go la la la”?Or you shiver every time you hear Lil Wayne’s voice come up on the radio and say “I wasn’t born last night…” …We know…

I don’t think all of me, pardon the pun, can take anymore of these songs.

Well lucky for me and for you, the one and only Icona Pop dropped their new single for the Summer and I can’t get enough of. It refreshingly soothes my ears from all of the overplayed songs out there.

This electro pop jam isn’t yet available to download here in the US but check out Nylon Mag to hear the whole song.

But don’t over indulge, because you know as soon as this song hit the US charts it’ll be overplayed like the “Happy” song. (And no, we won’t be happy about that)



Author: Caroline Franco

Marketing & PR

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