Crop Top Like I’m Working At Hooters

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Crop tops: the go-to top every other girl is wearing on a Saturday night.

I have noticed for the past, two months or so, girls wearing crop-tops while going out. Don’t get me wrong those tops are great, but lately I have been rolling my eyes at some unfortunate decisions girls are making when dressing themselves to go out.

Sure, its Summer and the weather is crop-top worthy. But let’s face it, it’s not always the only option out there.

Say crop-tops again. Crop tops.

When growing up my mother always taught me to never wear tight shirt with tight pants. Its either or and no buts’. Apparently, I was the vast minority that was taught this crucial rule. So let’s get down to the bottom of this issue and properly learn how to wear and look decent in a crop-top. Trust me, anyone can do it.

Crop top like I’m working at Hooters: What Not to Do

The Girl Logic:

It’s Summer, it’s hot and what else do we want? Less clothing. Yeah, for shiz. We often tend to lean towards tight skirts, high-waited tight shorts, and what goes hand in hand? Crop tops. So we think. This to me is not a good look. Trying to fit the bottom and making it look fitted while baring our mid-section out with a top that is too fitted to stay inside the fabric. As we’re wearing this so coachella bohemian look, we tend to look not as glam as we could. And why do that, if we can do better?

I’m not a hater of crop-tops, as matter of fact I bought one today. So here’s my rules to wearing these mid-section baring tops:

1- The fit:

Like every other piece of clothing out there making sure the fit, well fits and highlights the best parts of your body is the key. Having a top that is too loose or worse, too tight (yikes!) can look a bit “trashy and not classy”.

2- The bottom:

So the top isn’t the whole problem here. The problem is what to pair it with. Yes, shorts are cute but they must be high-waited. Low rise shorts & crop tops are a big no-nos.

My go to? High-waited floral pants-so chic, so in. But if florals or pants aren’t your style, try a longer skirt, or even a wavy skirt. Stay away from anything bodycon.

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 9.22.31 PM

Tops Worth Investing In:

Short sleeve crochet top – flirty and very girly! This one is from NastyGal “Attitude Top” $68

Beaded sleeveless top – the bead is what makes the top. This could be paired with anything and still look very glamorous.

Don’t be that crop-top girl at the bar.

Crop-top wisely.





Author: Caroline Franco

Marketing & PR

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