Let Me Take a Selfie: Rules of Snap-chattin & Other Shenanigans

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Our generation is fascinated with a little thing called—the selfie. Peace sign, duck face, kissy face, smiley face, sad face…we’ve all done it.

Snap-chatting is the “cool” thing to do now. You’re out for girls night—let’s take a selfie, you’re out at the mall—another one, oh wait! There’s that Starbucks coffee run—let’s take another selfie (with your Venti soy iced caramel unsweetened frap no whip, of course). But my question is, why do we think other people want to see a five second (trust me, five seconds is long enough) picture of our faces?


Here’s the thing, we’re all guilty of the selfie crime, but what happens when you “accidentally” snap someone you didn’t mean to? Or even take a peace sign, duck face pic and story it without knowing til five hours later and 32 views? Too little, too late hun.

But first…Let me take a selfie

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 8.02.25 PM

So it’s a gorgeous night out with your friends and you’re feeling the vibe, feeling yourself and a little extra happy because, ya know, it’s Summertime. So you grab your phone, it’s just about 1:47AM and the taking of the picture starts. You think: look at me, I’m pretty. We know. But do other people? And that’s when the mistakes begins.

After 12AM, you know that’s when things bout to get real. So real, that you want to make it memorable, with pictures…for others to see, of course.

Ah, guilty again.

Here’s the thing, everyone else is doing it. And we wanna do it too! So I have come up with a few basics to help you out when these mishaps happens.

Don’t overdue the selfie:

Yes, you’re allowed to snap chat your face to anyone you want, as many times as you’d like. Sometimes I have conversation with my friends solely based on selfies, and I’m okay with that. But once that begins to appears constantly on your snap story—that’s when it’s a big no-no.

Keep the stories for the funny, interesting snaps that you’d love to show off.

Don’t overdue your snap-story:

400 seconds of flashing lights because you’re sitting VIP at a club. Nobody’s got time for that. Start deleting off when it’s getting too long.

Don’t story selfie snap “the girls”

Alright. Ladies, let’s leave a few things for the imagination, otherwise you’ll have desperate written all over it. But if you do, don’t panic(or do!)—it’ll be gone anyway (unless someone screen cap).

I still don’t understand the concept of why we send pictures of ourselves for others to see, but hey we’re all doing it anyway.

Selfie snap wisely, everyone.



Author: Caroline Franco

Marketing & PR

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