Zoom Zoom Zoom Make My Heart Go Boom Boom

How To Use FitBit HR Like a Champ.

I got a ‘Bit to see if anyone could get my heart rate up to my fat burning zone.

Just like any other person who is trying to somehow get fit, understanding your heart rate is crucial. The zones, the numbers, the climbs, the miles, my head is spinning with the thought of it–does that burn any cals?

Fitbit is great for exercise: spin classes, hot yoga, that crazy one hour pilates class when you choose to just lay in awe of everyone else bending it like Beckham. And to know, all of those calories and heart rate zones are being recorded to your Fitbit and app.

But what happens when life hits you with tasks like having to throw your dog a birthday party and you simply can’t make it to the gym?

It happens. It’s real.

To me, the ‘Bit goes beyond the gym. Take those [heart rate] zones and use it to your advantage.

Don’t let me get to my zone. I’m definitely in my zone.

The key to success here is finding someone that gets your heart rate up to the point where you can feel the fat burning and melting away. At least, that’s my goal.

Burn baby burn. 

A simple conversation could potentially lead you to the zone you want to be in. Let’s say a hottie comes up to you at a bar and is chattin’ you up about his last business trip and you’re left standing there, wondering. Wondering if he’s the one, the one who’s getting your heart rate to that special zone.

Zoom zoom zoom make my heart go boom boom.

Double tap on your watch and see the zone for yourself. Those numbers matter and is crucial to add to your calorie intake. Meaning more you’re in the fat burning zone, the more you’ll burn cals= more of me eating back the cals. This is the circle of life Lion King teaches us at a young age.

You can use the Fitbit the old, traditional way by just logging the exercises. Or you can also use this method and sorta beat the system.

Unfortunately getting to that ‘special zone’ isn’t enough to to get fit. Or is it? But it’s nice to think it could be that easy–definitely worth a try, definitely worth the zone.

Say zone again.


Talk to me, baby…I keep on hoping we eat cake by the ocean…






Author: Caroline Franco

Marketing & PR

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