This past Tuesday night the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills got real. Like any other group of friends, they decided to casually take a trip across the world and visit Dubai.
If you’re a RHOBH fan you already know this but if you aren’t, and love watching people on T.V. living their luxurious lives, then you have to watch it.
Other than being speechless at Kyle and Lisa’s room–I’m sorry, room is such a bad wordto describe where they’re spending 20% of their time. Palace is a better word. Their $40,000 a night really set the tone for the trip, and what goes hand in hand with a $40k room?
Fabulous designer clothes!
If you thought that muumuu’s were out of style, then honey, you’re about to be  muumuu converted. 

Oh darling.

During the episode, as Lisa Rinna and the girls were having a heated conversation about Yolanda (what else is new), all I could focus on was their dresses.

So flowly. So carefree–let it all hang loose!
Muumuu’s is known as oversized dresses that women wear in hopes to hide the extra curves. But now these muumuu’s are giving fashion a better, yet, more sophisticated name.

But let’s get to what really matters. The clothes! My fav goes to: Vanderpump and Girardi.

Vanderpump’s muumuu dress suited her very well. It was a lace up in yellow gold with a printed neckline. If you’re interested in this dress, check out Les Pommettes online. The style is called: Parides Long Lace up Cherry Blossom and it costs $469.

For me, Erika Girardi’s fuchsia pink dress was the winner. That’s the dress I’ve been dreaming of since, well, Tuesday night. And not to mention google has not helped in any way to find the dress, better yet a much less expensive version of it.

Girly moment: can we just talk about how the combination of the  fuchsia pink and her yellow nails were just perfection.

I saw Cady Heron wearing army pants and flip flops, so I bought army pants and flip flops. 

Unfortunately I have no idea where to find this majestic dress so we’ll just have to settle for second best.

At Kyle’s by Alene Too online boutique you’ll be able to find some styles close to what Erika was wearing. But nothing tops the real thing.

Happy shopping everyone.


Author: Caroline Franco

Marketing & PR

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