Lazy Girls Guide To: Summer Salad

We’re cool for the Summer.

Basically the only way of making a fun and Instagram worthy salad. All you need is a pineapple, cucumber, avocado, arugula, dried cranberries and nuts! It’s that easy. And you will end up making snaps of it and hashtagging “pineapple goals”, “healthy eating”, “can’t believe I made this”, “that fit life be like”, etc.

If you’re deciding to host brunch or attend one–which you probably will, Summer is THE season for brunching ( just kidding, every season is brunching season!) this is what you’d want to bring!

The Cool Salad is very easy to make: cut the pineapple in half, carve out the fruit and just add all of the items above all diced up, including the diced pineapples. Very fresh and light, something that Blair Waldorf would end up eating (but not making, let’s be honest).



Author: Caroline Franco

Marketing & PR

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