Baby We’re the New Romantics

Aaah aah ahh ahh. Cause baby I could build a castle…

Finding yourself, that’s two words that makes me roll my eyes harder than skinny people saying they have to go on a diet.

We all reach an age where we’re constantly asking ourselves: What am I doing with my life?
I thought I had an answer but I’m at a point where I just stopped asking. Because who truly knows?

Finding yourself goes beyond taking major hikes (um no, thanks), traveling the world by yourself (why do I have to be alone?), and getting a drastic haircut (hair’s too precious to mess with).

By taking on these activities and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone doesn’t necessarily mean you have found yourself.

Trust me, I’ve been hiking and let me tell you all I have “found” was my patience thinning.

Sure you can do all of it–if you want to. If you love hiking, then go for it. Enjoy the moment, but if that’s not something you enjoy doing (hello!) then don’t push it just so you can “find yourself“. Reality is, you will get lost and maybe get eaten by a bear (lol jk, but really).

I’m not lost. And if so, I have google maps.

Honestly, google maps has helped me out 98% of the time I’m lost, and trust me its been a lot–but the problem is the other 2% that I choose to turn left.

Personally, finding yourself is way complicated. There are follow up questions, like the ones you prepare on interviews as a backup, hoping you don’t have to, but ends up asking anyways: Where am I finding myself? Why am I lost? Where am I heading after this?


Instead of trying to find where you have to go, start loving where you are. Baby, you should go and love yourself. And you know what, Bieber, I will.

The whole point about this long journey called life is doing what you love and being true to yourself. You’re not lost.

Stop trying to compare yourself to others, where they are, where they’ve been, and if they found themselves somewhere along the jungles of Africa.

This is the fertility vase of the Ndebele tribe. Does that mean anything to you?



Your experiences makes you who you are and taking you were you need to be.


…And every day is like a battle. But every night with us is like a dream



Author: Caroline Franco

Marketing & PR

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