Bill Cunningham: A Tribute

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He who seeks beauty, will find it.

Billy Cunningham was an amazing American Photographer for the New York Times covering street style as well as every fashion shows throughout the years. It was very sad to find out last week, Bill at 87 years old had passed away.

Bill was the type of person to see beauty in everything around him. He dedicated his life to his job, capturing beautiful moments on the runway as well as on the streets to captivate and show the true meaning of fashion and beauty of life.

If you haven’t heard of Bill, his documentary is on Netflix and I recommend watching every single second of it. He was humble and caring, and always had his camera strapped on ready for anything.

It wasn’t much about who but whether what a person was wearing that would capture his eyes. He was the photographer that turned the streets of New York into the ultimate fashion show. “I don’t pay attention to celebrities. I don’t photograph them. They don’t dress so… interestingly. They have stylists. I prefer real women who have their own taste.”

As of today, the city [New York], renamed the street 57th & 5th Ave. as Bill Cunningham’s Corner–the spot where he used to photograph stylish women, right by Bergdorf Goodman.

He may be gone, but he’ll remain in our hearts. Your legacy goes on, Bill.


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Author: Caroline Franco

Marketing & PR

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