Floral?For Spring?Groundbreaking.

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 5.29.36 PM

Everyone’s been talking about Zara and it’s priceless Spring collection. Except, “priceless” comes with a price tag of $69.90  plus tax.

What is so special about florals for the Spring? Nothing.

Every year it’s the same concept but retailers want you to believe this time is different. Kind of like that guy that says he’ll text you later. He never does, shocking.

“Floral? For Spring? Groundbreaking.” —because, duh.

Maybe this time it IS different, maybe the florals got a tad bigger, smaller, a bit edgier, florals with a purpose, feminist florals, florals on stripes?

They make it–we buy it. Over and over again.

What is so “groundbreaking” about this concept is that we are open to it. All of a sudden I found myself buying things that aren’t black. Replacing items in my closet with floral shirts, and floral shorts–making me feel like baby Pubert Addams (Addams Family Value) when he got blonde and angel looking.

It’s a whole new world, it’s a whole new me! At least until September comes around.

So if you haven’t, which I’m sure you have, buy something flowery. Find yourself lost in the florals and get ready to do it all over again next year.

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 5.29.19 PM

Dress: $69.90.


Author: Caroline Franco

Marketing & PR

2 thoughts on “Floral?For Spring?Groundbreaking.”

  1. This is really true. Every year, the trends are so similar –
    especially for spring, but they resell it and pretend its different. I love flowers and floral etc, but only a few pieces. I will continue to wear black :). Great post.

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