Teletubby Takes the Runway

Nothing haunts me more than the Teletubbies and if you’re anything like me, so will the latest fall collection from Bobby Abley.

To celebrate #20yearsOfBigHugs in London Fashion Week Men’s the designer that is known to push every boundary, decided to pay tribute to the 4 giant, colorful, belly-lights-up creatures.

The collection consists of four main colors, and yes you guessed it: yellow, green, purple and red! Backpacks, hats, you name it, he made it.

Abley’s take on fashion reminds me a bit of Jeremy Scott, where childhood memories and pop-culture are brought into their collection–in this case, it was literal.

The designer caught everyone in the show by surprise, as Dipsy (the green one) strut down the runway, making every model wish they had its’ power walk.

And as much as I dislike these creepy things, I enjoyed watching it power through down the runway.


Author: Caroline Franco

Marketing & PR

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