A Big Bowl of Motivation: Goals

Consider this your “Motivation Monday”


What is your five year goal?

That may sound like a redundant HR question and probably one of the topics a LinkedIn influencer might touch base on from time to time.

Have you stopped to think what goals you have for the next five years? And what measures you’re taking to make it happen?

Is it a promotion at your job? Launching your own business? Traveling the world? Getting married? Learning a new language? Finishing a degree?

How did today help achieve those goals?

Sitting at brunch and sipping mimosas with friends, we laugh at the swipes that were right. Brush on topics like wanting to make a difference by doing something meaningful with our lives. And, of course, bond over the fact we want a sick bod this summer.

But as I sit and sip, I can’t help but wonder where the next five years will take me. I don’t want to be sitting here, sipping on a half empty glass o champagne with a barely there OJ, talking about the same thing–over and over again.

You don’t want to be the person who only talks about it.  Talk is cheap.

If the goal is to find the love of your life, then the “accidental” swipe right must come to an end.

If it is launching your business, talking about it won’t be enough to make it happen.

Are your goals something you’re chasing after or is it a brunch topic? Things to say when you have nothing else to say. Materials to use during awkward moments to fill the void in the room?

If thinking about the next 1,825 days freaks you out then start smaller. Set 3 – 6 month goals. Write it down. Make sure you’re being SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time bound) about it!

Don’t make unrealistic goals. Walk before you run. Be serious and be consistent.

If you’re passionate enough to make it happen, then this is a reminder to keep going. If you don’t know where to begin, then this is your sign to start thinking.

In the blink of an eye it will be 5 years from now. And 5 years later is 5 years of missed opportunities.

Chew on that.



Author: Caroline Franco

Marketing & PR

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