A Big Bowl of Motivation: Anxiety

Consider this your “Motivation Monday”.


Anxiety. The word itself makes me feel anxious.

Why is it so many silly little, often times, unimportant things makes a person feel so uneasy?

The type of subject that can make one cringe. Panic. Stress out. Go from sane to insane in 0-100 real quick just from thinking about it.

Think about it. What makes you feel anxious?

Is it talking in front of a large crowd?

Is it confronting your boss?

Getting stuck in an elevator?

Or is it the fact your phone hit 1% battery while out, and you know in no time you’ll have no security blanket to fall back on. Instead of scrolling through your phone, you’d have to actually talk to someone.


The horror!

Anxiety can play tricks on your mind.  Suddenly you can’t be yourself, you start picking your nails, holding your arms, palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy…He’s nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready. 

Except, not.

A psychology professor from Harvard, yeah guys, Harvard the real deal smart people stuff, said anxiety is not fear because fear is focused on something right in front of you, a real and objective danger.

Anxiety is rather fear gone wild, a fear that is not quite there leaving you with a bunch of what if’s.

What if confronting my boss will lead me to getting fired?

What if you pass out while talking in front of a large crowd?

What if you take the elevator and get stuck?

If we live in the world of what if’s we will not be living our lives to the fullest. Anxiety can keep you from enjoying the now because you’re focused on what could happen. Yeah, you could be nervous talking to your boss, but the anxiety in you won’t leave until you do so.

If talking in front of a big crowd feels like the end of the world, then you might as well just talk. The world will end anyway, who’s to remember?

Breathe in, breathe out. Do a downward dog. Take a chill pill. Clear your mind.

Anxiety is not concrete. Don’t let it take your inner peace.

Chew on that.




Author: Caroline Franco

Marketing & PR

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