4 Places to Go on 4th of July

Fourth of July is here, so if you’re still planning a trip–good luck!

If you’re scrolling through Insta and secretly hating on that person that flew to Ibiza for the long weekend, don’t freak out. You can totally shove in everyone else’s face plan a quickie getaway and post amazing pics of your tall glass of Rose, because who wouldn’t want to be that basic?

Here are 4 top places to check out in the East Coast if you have FOMO. And no, the Hamptons is not one of them.

Norwalk, CT: Cue the town troubadour song.

If you’re from around Connecticut area and think this is an eye-rolling spot, think again my friend. Connecticut itself has such a Gilmore Girls feel, and this place won’t leave you disappointed.

Sunset entrance at SILH

Check out Sheffield Island for trend(y) spots and get your camera ready because you’ll get all the shots you need! Visit the Lighthouse and make sure to get tickets to the Sunset Cruise.

Providence, RI: Because, Artsy.

Providence is a great close and quick getaway for the weekend. The city itself is very hip and artsy, a lot like Williamsburg–except not. Very clean and easy to get around, you’ll find things like The Botanical Center at Roger Williams Park, and La Gondola–to make all your friends jeal. 



You don’t have to have a significant-other to go on this boat ride, hold your own damn hand and take those selfies, this is an unforgettable experience!

Catskills, NY: If you’re into the “Woods”

If you’re an outdoor lover, then Catskills is the spot for you. You can hike, you can bike, basically anything that has to do with nature, you can do it there. The ‘Skills have a beautiful waterfall –the Kaaterskills, that screams Boomerang! 



After exhausting yourself with your fav outdoor activity, and cramping your arms from taking so many selfies, check out the Breweries in Greene County and sip on some brews, bruh.

Cape May, NJ: Beach Bum

Fool yourself into thinking you’re somewhere in the Caribbean by going to Cape May. It’s a far-stretch, but it’s the closets place to go on a last minute trip. This town has a bunch of touristy things to do, and has a Montauk type of feel. Enjoy your time at the beach, tan, relax, collect some shells (if you’re into that!) and even bring binoculars to whale watch!


Regardless of where you are this weekend, make sure to sit back, have fun and do what you love!




Author: Caroline Franco

Marketing & PR

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