SMART Girls Guide To: Eating Right on Holiday Weekend

“I really want to lose 3 lbs”

Long weekend is here and mimosas’s are being chugged like cold water on a hot Summer’s day and hot dogs are consumed more than the Hot Dog Eating Contest.


Aside from throwing back glass after glass of mimosas, you’re probably not thinking of how much sugar you’re ingesting, and thinking that munching on prosciutto wrapped melon thinking it will somehow cancel the calories.

Wishful thinking.

Think again. If you don’t want to gain an extra lb or two, here’s are a few quick tips to remember before you ask the waiter to pour it up, pour it up. 

SMART Girls Guide To: Eating Right on Holiday Weekend

Hydrated: I may be sounding like your mother right now, but drinking water will forever be on my healthy tip list, because hydrate, people. Drinking water not only good for your body ( I mean, duh) but also helps you look better AND helps to flush out toxins. So this is a no brainer. If you’re having a drink, or five, make sure to drink water in between to hydrate yourself.

If you’re having a cocktail, stay away from sugary and fruity drinks. Try out:

Patriotic Prosecco – 70 calories

Stars and Stripes Sipper – 85 calories

Strawberry Sparkle – 85 calories

These are SUPER easy to make and won’t leave you bloated or with a guilty conscience afterwards. All are made with my fave brand, SkinnyGirl, of course.

Skip Snacking: Don’t hate on me for saying, skip the chips and guac. But, if you’re watching your figure this weekend, skip the chips and guac. Those things are dangerous, you have one, you have all! Focus on main meals and pack on the protein first.


Don’t Skip Dessert: Everyone deserves dessert! Try to eat fresh fruits, like Pineapple and Watermelon, then have a piece of your favorite cake, pie, tart, whatever it is that you’re desiring! Most likely you’ll eat half of the portion since the fruit was consumed first. And if you want ice cream, try out Halo Top Creamery–1 pint, 240 calories. Enjoy the whole thing, guilt free.

Have fun and don’t stress too much if you fall off the wagon. Tomorrow is a new day, you can start fresh.






Author: Caroline Franco

Marketing & PR

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