A Big Bowl of Motivation: Disconnect

Consider this your “Motivation Monday”.


We live in a world where we can be connected to people from all around the world in a matter of seconds, just by pushing a simple button. Without smart phones in hand, tablets in bag, and even smart watches on our wrist, we can be linked to people from across the world, receive current event news, and get constant notifications about someone else’s round about.

With so many distractions all around us, how can one disconnect from it all and live in the moment without having the urge to share it with the world?

To some, smart phones and being ‘connected’ is part of the job. To others, there’s the urge to show off yet another selfie, food they order at a restaurant, morning commute, and even private moments. But why do we must, at every moment, have the need to entertain our followers and show how much fun we’re having?

~ D I S C O N N E C T ! ~

Even if you’re not a social media junkie, sharing your location and top of the line videos made with your not so updated iPhone, checking emails, texting, and having phone calls during ‘off the clock’ time, is just as bad.

Disconnecting from the virtual world forces you to live your life in the real world. Sounds a bit 1990’s but wouldn’t life be more enjoyable if you actually sat down with friends with no distractions?

Try leaving your phone in your bag when out with friends. Turn it off (or silence it) during dinner time. Have a schedule to stop checking notifications after certain hours. Sounds simple and sounds silly but really E N J O Y  the moment.

You don’t want to be remembering your time by staring down at your phone while you can be making memories with the ones around you.

Chew on that. 



Author: Caroline Franco

Marketing & PR

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