Michael Kors Rocking the Choo’s

This week Michael Kors Holdings added a new item to their cart;  Jimmy Choo’s.

Screen Shot 2017-07-29 at 9.40.33 PM

The company has announced it will purchase Jimmy Choo for $1.2 billion, making it very expensive purchase for shoes. But these aren’t just any shoes, these are Jimmy Choo’s!

If you have been following Michael Kors you’d know he started off a high end designer and became a brand. His popularity grew so much the brand began making different tiers to be able to reach a broader target market, even putting some of his lower tier brand at Costco.

With the purchase of luxury company Jimmy Choo, not only add value to Michael Kors Holdings but will also reach high-end market. “Acquiring Jimmy Choo is the beginning of a strategy that we have for building a luxury group that really is focused on international fashion brands,” John D. Idol chairman said in an interview.

Idol also mentioned they would like to increase Jimmy Choo’s sales to $1 billion annually, interesting coming from a company where sales has been a little bit rocky and inconsistent.

LVMH, a luxury and lifestyle group that caters to a very specific and high-end market, is one of Michael Kors Holdings competitors, and now with Jimmy Choo on the rise is definitely on LVMH’s radar. But MK has still a very long journey to get to LVMH’s level of luxury but with Choo’s in hand they are going the right direction.

Can’t wait to see how this will all unfold. Will it be a success or will I be buying a pair at my next trip to Costco?




Buon Compleanno: Giorgio Armani


The past decade or so the fashion world has grown and gained new talents to contribute to fashion houses. Although having new talent is always refreshing, we can’t forget those who started long ago and paved the path for new designers to walk on. These pioneer designers are known as visionaries and legends in the fashion industry.

One of them, is the one and only Giorgio Armani, in which today is celebrating his 83rd birthday. His garments are minimalists and elegant, and is also known for his tailored suitsContinue reading “Buon Compleanno: Giorgio Armani”

Haute Summer: Chanel Re-Cap

Paris Fashion Chanel

Haute Couture Fashion Week doesn’t stop for anyone, not even for Fourth of July. One of my favorite times of the year is upon us and what better way to wind-down the long weekend with a re-cap of Couture Week: Chanel edition.

Paris, the place I was for literally seven minutes and forty-two seconds of my life, Continue reading “Haute Summer: Chanel Re-Cap”

I Never Promised You A Rose Garden: Rodarte SS18

Haute Couture Fashion Week is upon us and Rodarte made its way by showing a beautiful collection for Spring/Summer 2018. In the heart of Paris, the American label showed the concept of dream into gowns, and make everyone, including me, want to be a flower child running through the field.


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Be Like Iris

More is more and less is bore – Iris Apfel
Iris Apfel has become my spiritual animal since I saw her documentary Iris on Netflix. I’ve always knew about her but this documentary gave me a better insight of who she truly is: fierce, fun, and ninety something years old that has not stopped for one second.
Just look at her. Talk about inspiration.

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