A Big Bowl of Motivation: Anxiety

Consider this your “Motivation Monday”.


Anxiety. The word itself makes me feel anxious.

Why is it so many silly little, often times, unimportant things makes a person feel so uneasy?

The type of subject that can make one cringe. Panic. Stress out. Go from sane to insane in 0-100 real quick just from thinking about it. Continue reading “A Big Bowl of Motivation: Anxiety”

Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

The city is great place to be, whether is Spring or Summer, Fall or Winter. But lately the rain has really gotten the best of us, and honestly, I can not take it anymore.

Since I am no Mother Nature, I have to deal and come to peace with the fact it might rain for a little longer.

It’s okay to get wet and dance in the rain. Continue reading “Sunshine on a Cloudy Day”

Floral?For Spring?Groundbreaking.

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 5.29.36 PM

Everyone’s been talking about Zara and it’s priceless Spring collection. Except, “priceless” comes with a price tag of $69.90 ┬áplus tax.

What is so special about florals for the Spring? Nothing.

Every year it’s the same concept but retailers want you to believe this time is different. Kind of like that guy that says he’ll text you later. He never does, shocking.

“Floral? For Spring? Groundbreaking.” —because, duh. Continue reading “Floral?For Spring?Groundbreaking.”