It Might As Well Be Spring


The days are getting longer, the wind is getting warmer and the green juices are out—that can only mean it’s Spring time.

Spring is here and you can’t deny, it’s a tad terrifying, not only we are one step closer to Summer, we are one step closer to Summer. Meaning, bikini season. But let’s not fast forward to Summer and just enjoy what Spring has to offer.

This Spring season, like any other Spring season, florals are back. Maybe it’s because in the Spring the flowers begins to blossom, and designers can’t help it but to incorporate this not-so-flattering pattern in every other outfit. Oh well, gotta make it work, am I right?

Other than florals, pastel colors and occasional sundresses (kinda sorta totally hate it, sorry), there are a other Spring trends that you can totally rock it out. Here are a few of my fav’ trends you can pull off and make it your own style without trying to be too in-you-face-it’s-Spring.


Matching Separates


I hate matchy-matchy outfits, and I may not be the only one. It reminds me of when I was five, and the outfits my mother would dress me in (they were stylish, nonetheless). But I hate to admit it, I really am loving this matching separate. It’s two pieces that can be worn together as well as separate. The long blazer with the shorts are perfect for date night and a girls night.


Sports Bra + Long Blazer


So sports bra are no longer for the gym, they are here to make a fashion statement. We’ve seen celebs like J-Law and Lorde do it, and I think we can pull off this look for Spring too.

Alexander Wang just re-invented the sports bra, and this is what it looks like. Loving every bit of it. ($395)


Liquid Metal Skirts


Liquid metals are making a comeback. This fresh new trend is to enhance the simplicity yet the sophistication of an ordinary garment. Skirts, dresses and even jackets in liquid metal will be a hot trend for Spring, and you can incorporate it as your own. You can play around with it, it can be an edgier or soft look, but whichever it is, don’t forget to make it your own.


So if you’re anything like me and occasionally roll your eyes at florals, try these new Spring trends that are flowerless. Create your own image, pair it up with your favorite accessories and don’t forget the heels!


Happy Spring, everyone.







A quickie on Spring ’14 Lip Color Trends:

I don’t know about you girls, but I have an obsession with nude lipstick. I think it started three years ago, when I began to revamp my look and wear my hair part down the middle.

Although nude lipstick is still in the play, for this Spring season it’s all about the bold colors.

When I say bold, I don’t necessarily mean extravagant in your face neon orange colors. Wait, yes I do. For the Spring 2014 season, the lip trends will be in your face neon orange colors.

I have to be completely honest, I cannot pull the orange look, so I opt for the magenta shades. One cosmetic brand that always delivers is Bobbi Brown—Bobbi knows what’s up. The Creamy Matte Lip in Razzberry or Crushed Plum are great shades for the “risque”. Because we all have our risque moments in life, why not add a color to it?

Remember : the best color of lipstick is the one that compliments your smile.

Aww that was adorable. Happy Tuesday.


Beijos de batom vermelho

.Bk Stand Up


Introducing .Bk’s men’s limited edition shirts.

Don’t you just hate when you go out and all of a sudden bump into someone wearing the same exact outfit as you? In the girl world, this is a fashion disaster and a “Who wore it best” contest. You did, of course. In the guy world, this would probably cause high-five’s and casual laughs—seriously, why are guys so chill?

Men’s fashion is becoming bigger than it has ever been. Now a days, guys are no longer wearing just t-shirts, sweatpants, chillin’ with no make-up on…Er, don’t get me wrong (Drake remix, anyone?).


Fashion matters, and men are aware of it. And why not be caught-up-to-date with a new “hipster” collection?


The Start-up CEO is located in Brooklyn, providing men with limited edition button down shirts that any guy be lucky to have. Here’s a little 4-1-1 for you, fellas.


The Shirts

They are all made of one-of-a-kind material that makes amazing button downs for you. There is the Start-Up Stripe in Fabric Embroidered Poplin, The Flecked Herringbone Cloth Button Down and The Flecked Herringbone Cloth Button Down:

My favorite is the Herringbone Cloth Button Down in ivory, if I may add. Not only does it resemble the skeleton of a fish, it’s also the perfect shirt to pair up with a white olive colored shorts and boat shoes for the warm weather ahead. Hint hint: Spring’14 must have.

The cool thing about the .Bk look is that it can be the type of button down worn for any occasion. It has a complex laid back look, but it also definitely can be a formal shirt (paired with the right pants and jacket, obvi).


.Bk only makes 100 of each shirts, meaning if you’re lucky you might be able to get one. Seriously, .Bk, start making some women’s limited apparel because the #struggle is real.


Because you shouldn’t have to share your style with thousands of people.”. And I completely agree.




(Available for purchase on Kickstarter for $53.00)

The Essie Getaway

The Essie Getaway

Manicure Monday

A Quickie on the Hottest Nail Polish Color.

Since Spring is literally around the corner—Next week, y’all, it’s offish—What better way than start preparing not only Spring fashion, but also Spring nails?

I’m obsessed with Essie nail colors, I mean, what girl isn’t? My favorite color for this season is “Resort Flirting”, part of the Resort ‘ 14 collection.

It’s the perfect combination of sun, fun & flirty.

Ahh, I can already picture myself tanning on the beach in St Maarten, with my nails looking perfectly, matching my sun- kissed skin.

Here are the name of the other colors from the Resort ’14 Collection:

Cocktails and Coconut
Find Me an Oasis
Under the Twilight

Because every color is a new memory.

Go check it out. And treat your nails to a nice Essie getaway.