Cavalli Show Recap: Dream Show

Cavalli Recap

One of the main reasons I love fashion is the fact it captures a dream. It creates an illusion of what everyone’s life should be like—filled with fur trenches, long gowns, high-heels, private jet getaways to Prague. And ultimately that’s what happened when I watched Roberto Cavalli’s Fall 2014 runway show.

The Cavalli Fall/Winter ’14-15 Collection:

The collection had a mix of leopard silk tops, printed pants, as well as pony skin biker jackets, trenches, and not to mention fur. The colors varied between winter whites, black and last but not least, red. The red garments gave out the ‘girl power’ attitude and it went perfectly with the fire background.

Oh, I didn’t mention the fire circle in the middle of the runway?

There was a circle with fire in the middle of the runway, creating even more of an atmosphere for the Cavalli’s theme for the collection.

Can’t express into words how amazing this collection is. Just go check it out for yourself.

Every girl creates a dream in her mind; everyone needs an idol.” – Roberto Cavalli



Thursday’s hair on a Friday night?

What kind of hair to have on a Friday night? A lot of us, like me, might be trying to find the perf do.

Can’t decided. Loose with a hint of wave or side braid it?

…decisions decisions.

Happy Friday everyone.


I Don’t Speak Italian, But I Do Speak Moschino

Jeremy Scott is one of the most talked about designers. After his latest fashion show this week in Milan, his collection for Moschino has shocked the crowd; some ways better than others.

 When I think of high fashion I immediately think of fine details of embroidery and jewels; never SpongeBob SquarePants’ face on a coat. Not only was SpongeBob featured in Moschino’s last collection, so was McDonald’s, Cheezy Bits and other snack goodies.

 Was he hungry when making this collection? Or is this true inspiration?

 Moschino is a very respected fashion company in the fashion world. Jeremy Scott has accepted his new role at Moschino saying “It’s such a no brainer”– and I have to agree with him. He sure knows how to get the people talking—and it’s pretty, kind of sort of, amazing.

 If he was hungry or not while coming up with the concept for his latest collection, his method worked as a way to grab people’s attention. He did not stay inside the box. Jeremy Scott ventured and went beyond, to a place we thought a fashion designer would never go.

Although his newest collection didn’t quite scream the fashionista out of me, it makes me appreciate his unique and bold designs. Aside from the crazy prints he chose to use, the garments itself were impeccable.

 Makes me wonder what else he has in store for Moschino.



(Moschino RTW Fall 2014; photo by Davide Maestri — WWD)

That’s Why Her Hair Is So Big

What’s more frustrating than having a bad hair day? Having a bad hair day. Hair is the essence to the soul and the window to your heart. Okay, maybe not really. But having nice hair makes you feel prettier and a bit diva-ish. Take Gretchen Weiner for example, she has just the right ‘tude and perfect hair. Not to mention her father is the inventor of toaster strudel.

#Longhairdontcare—I have Rapunzel length hair and I can never get the stylin’ nor the right things to make it look, well, like the girls from Pantene doing the hair flip. Don’t they ever get dizzy from all the flipping? An answer I’ll never know.

You want the 411? (Parent Trap, anyone?). The information on best stylin’ hair do’s out there? No need to ask twice.

Let’s get beachy: One of my favorite look is the wavy look. My hair is extremely thick and heavy, nonetheless beautiful, but extremely hard to keep the waves and the look intact.

The remedy: hot curlers. They are easy, breezy beautiful and I can guarantee you will look like a cover girl for sure. I use John Freida’s Brilliant Brunette Mousse ($9.99) prior to putting the hot curlers in and spray hairspray lightly about three times.

Simple volume: So I’m recently obsessed with blow-drying my own hair. I’m going to be 100% honest, I can’t blow dry my hair that well, but people—practice makes it perfect.

Although sometimes I can’t or don’t have the time to style with a blow dryer, the flat iron can do the trick. This is the easiest thing ever: mousse plus ‘tip turning’. After applying mousse, take the flat iron and flatten outwards the tips only! This will give that “fresh blow dry” look.

These two are my go-to looks. Stop tryin’ to make flat happen, it’s not going to happen.