Influenster VoxBox

Just received my Shimmer VoxBox from Influenster and couldn’t be more happy about it! Who doesn’t love free stuff?

Check out my IG story (@thinkwearlove) for what these products are! And soon enough I’ll be reviewing them here. 

Hashtag-awesome sauce!
Disclaimer: the sour punch straws are gone. Didn’t make it to minute 10. 


Spotted in Soho, Gucci graffiti wall! “What are you going to do with all this future?”

The future is yours, what are you going to do about it? Go after your dreams, or wait for it to miraculously happen?

I have SO much I want to do for my future, that at times can be a bit overwhelming, or even discouraging. But stay in the path and be focused, because time goes by really fast. And in the blink of an eye, the future will be the present. 

Michael Kors Rocking the Choo’s

This week Michael Kors Holdings added a new item to their cart;  Jimmy Choo’s.

Screen Shot 2017-07-29 at 9.40.33 PM

The company has announced it will purchase Jimmy Choo for $1.2 billion, making it very expensive purchase for shoes. But these aren’t just any shoes, these are Jimmy Choo’s!

If you have been following Michael Kors you’d know he started off a high end designer and became a brand. His popularity grew so much the brand began making different tiers to be able to reach a broader target market, even putting some of his lower tier brand at Costco.

With the purchase of luxury company Jimmy Choo, not only add value to Michael Kors Holdings but will also reach high-end market. “Acquiring Jimmy Choo is the beginning of a strategy that we have for building a luxury group that really is focused on international fashion brands,” John D. Idol chairman said in an interview.

Idol also mentioned they would like to increase Jimmy Choo’s sales to $1 billion annually, interesting coming from a company where sales has been a little bit rocky and inconsistent.

LVMH, a luxury and lifestyle group that caters to a very specific and high-end market, is one of Michael Kors Holdings competitors, and now with Jimmy Choo on the rise is definitely on LVMH’s radar. But MK has still a very long journey to get to LVMH’s level of luxury but with Choo’s in hand they are going the right direction.

Can’t wait to see how this will all unfold. Will it be a success or will I be buying a pair at my next trip to Costco?




A Big Bowl of Motivation: Good Enough

Consider this your “Motivation Monday”.


Not good enough.

Have you ever had a moment where you thought you weren’t good enough for something?

Not good enough to be picked for kickball in gym class (seriously, who is?), not good enough to be invited to a cool party, not good enough to start your own business. As you keep thinking of this over and over, you begin to think you’re not good enough for anything.

In the word of Jimmy Eat World: Don’t write yourself off yet, it’s only in your head you feel left out and looked down on.

You begin to pin point everything that is wrong with you and compare yourself to the person that is beside you. Questioning if you can live up to their potential, or to Nike’s main motto: Just Do It. How can you Just Do It? If you can’t even manage to cross the border from doubt to belief.

Not good enough.

Just try your best, try everything you can

Humans are not perfect, you don’t have to look too far off to know this. And because of this imperfection we tend to have times when we doubt ourselves, our skills, our mindset but if you don’t know how to manage it, it can set you on a down spiral stage.

Trying your best can result in still not good enough but that is manageable if you put your right foot forward. Practice to the point where your weakness becomes your strength.

Don’t you worry what they tell themselves when you’re away.

What others think can be a huge influence in how you think about yourself. Are your friends building you up or tearing you down? You can either listen to what they think or you can choose to believe you were built to be able to accomplish anything you put your mind to.

Some of the synonyms for “not good enough” are: inadequate, unqualified, mediocre or worse–unworthy.

Would you actually describe yourself as one of those synonyms? It’s time to change your mindset and how you view yourself. If you don’t carry yourself with self-respect and confidence, no one in the world will believe you’re good enough–including you.

Know today that whatever you may be going through, that yes–you are worthy, you are qualified, you are good enough. 

Live right now. Just be yourself.

Chew on that.


Buon Compleanno: Giorgio Armani


The past decade or so the fashion world has grown and gained new talents to contribute to fashion houses. Although having new talent is always refreshing, we can’t forget those who started long ago and paved the path for new designers to walk on. These pioneer designers are known as visionaries and legends in the fashion industry.

One of them, is the one and only Giorgio Armani, in which today is celebrating his 83rd birthday. His garments are minimalists and elegant, and is also known for his tailored suitsContinue reading “Buon Compleanno: Giorgio Armani”