Smart Girls Guide To: Caudalíe Ma Chérie 

Keeping up with the latest skin products is so hard. There are so many brands, so many products, saturating the market and making it even harder to shop. I love Caudalie products, and this is my first time trying out these 3: Grape water, Vinosource moisturizing sorbet, and the moisturizing mask.

I’m obsessed with having my skin looking flawless–which right now doesn’t. So hopefully this will work for my oily skin 🤗

Remember wash it with cleanser, apply toner, serum, and moisturize–always! 

Has anyone ever tried Caudalie?


Influenster VoxBox

Just received my Shimmer VoxBox from Influenster and couldn’t be more happy about it! Who doesn’t love free stuff?

Check out my IG story (@thinkwearlove) for what these products are! And soon enough I’ll be reviewing them here. 

Hashtag-awesome sauce!
Disclaimer: the sour punch straws are gone. Didn’t make it to minute 10. 

SMART Girls Guide To: Curls

Because every girl deserves to have heavenly curls like Gisele’s.

Are you tired of your curls falling flat on a big night?

Are you tired of hot curlers burning your hands so much, you can no longer close them?

Are you tired of damaging your hair or worse, your reputation?

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Be Like Iris

More is more and less is bore – Iris Apfel
Iris Apfel has become my spiritual animal since I saw her documentary Iris on Netflix. I’ve always knew about her but this documentary gave me a better insight of who she truly is: fierce, fun, and ninety something years old that has not stopped for one second.
Just look at her. Talk about inspiration.

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Smart Girls Guide To: Sunbathing


Summer is officially days away and most of us are excited to get outside and and catch some sun-rays & bake out, get that brown skin shinning in the sun that screams Don Henley Boys of Summer.

What some might not know, and others try to ignore, the sun damages. Regardless if you’re in it for 30 minutes or 3 hours, you need to protect your skin. Continue reading “Smart Girls Guide To: Sunbathing”

Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

The city is great place to be, whether is Spring or Summer, Fall or Winter. But lately the rain has really gotten the best of us, and honestly, I can not take it anymore.

Since I am no Mother Nature, I have to deal and come to peace with the fact it might rain for a little longer.

It’s okay to get wet and dance in the rain. Continue reading “Sunshine on a Cloudy Day”




Here’s how it happened: Last week my friend texted me “Kylie restocked her lip kits, if you want to get one this would be the time”. And what did I do? I immediately went on the website, and took out my credit card in the middle of a crowded train, and got myself the lip kit.
Honestly, I didn’t know if I was going to make it. The cart was shaking, there were people bumping into me, and not to mention terrible cell service. But I powered through and managed to get Kourt K on my shopping cart.

Kourt and I are basically the same person. We both eat Kit-Kats, some at a smaller bite than others,(we’ve all seen the video, K.) so I thought it would be idealistic to get her color. 

If a product is always selling out it must be good.

In less than one week, I had the lip kit at my door calling my name.

Say my name, say my name. 

The packaging is beautiful and very well put together. It’s one of those boxes that you just want to keep–alongside her handwritten thank you note. Nice touch, Kylizzlemynizzl.

The product is very smooth, and like everyone else mentioned, it smells so good. It dries up very fast and has a very nice finish to it. The only problem I had was with the color. Instead of going for the nudes (when in doubt, nude it out), I choose one of the darkest colors, which is never a good idea.

Although I thought I looked a bit wife of Dracula, my friends thought otherwise. If you’re looking to buy Kourt K., have fun and rock those hypothermia lips.

This is actually a good color for Fall/Winter…so can’t wait till then.

Aside from buying the wrong color for myself (totes my fault) the product is great. I would totally buy Exposed or Dolce K., but I’m not sure if I can drop another $40 bucks just for a lipstick.


My lipgloss be poppin’, my lipgloss is cool.