A Big Bowl of Motivation: Disconnect

Consider this your “Motivation Monday”.


We live in a world where we can be connected to people from all around the world in a matter of seconds, just by pushing a simple button. Without smart phones in hand, tablets in bag, and even smart watches on our wrist, we can be linked to people from across the world, receive current event news, and get constant notifications about someone else’s round about. Continue reading “A Big Bowl of Motivation: Disconnect”

SMART Girls Guide To: Eating Right on Holiday Weekend

“I really want to lose 3 lbs”

Long weekend is here and mimosas’s are being chugged like cold water on a hot Summer’s day and hot dogs are consumed more than the Hot Dog Eating Contest.


Aside from throwing back glass after glass of mimosas, you’re probably not thinking of how much sugar you’re ingesting, and thinking that munching on prosciutto wrapped melon thinking it will somehow cancel the calories.

Wishful thinking. Continue reading “SMART Girls Guide To: Eating Right on Holiday Weekend”

Be Like Iris

More is more and less is bore – Iris Apfel
Iris Apfel has become my spiritual animal since I saw her documentary Iris on Netflix. I’ve always knew about her but this documentary gave me a better insight of who she truly is: fierce, fun, and ninety something years old that has not stopped for one second.
Just look at her. Talk about inspiration.

Continue reading “Be Like Iris”

A Big Bowl of Motivation: Goals

Consider this your “Motivation Monday”


What is your five year goal?

That may sound like a redundant HR question and probably one of the topics a LinkedIn influencer might touch base on from time to time.

Have you stopped to think what goals you have for the next five years? And what measures you’re taking to make it happen?

Is it a promotion at your job? Launching your own business? Traveling the world? Getting married? Learning a new language? Finishing a degree?

How did today help achieve those goals? Continue reading “A Big Bowl of Motivation: Goals”

#ThursdayVibes: Robin Sparkles


Let’s go to the mall, today!

Robin Sparkles, Canadian 90s pop sensation, from How I Met Your Mother, is our fashion influence for today.

Take out your old (or new) jean jacket and make it work with your wardrobe. Not only is over-sized jean jacket in right now, it also pairs up great with just any outfit.

Who wouldn’t love a bedazzled jacket like Miss Sparkles?

Sweet Potato Avocado Toast


Ditch the bread, avocado toast is all about the sweet potatoes now! Try it out, simple and easy for a quick bite.

This one is 3 different takes on #avotoast with just a few simple ingredients:

  1. Avocado, tomatoes and feta cheese
  2. Smashed avocados topped with prosciutto with black pepper
  3. Avocado cubes, tomatoes and gouda cheese