Sweet Potato Avocado Toast


Ditch the bread, avocado toast is all about the sweet potatoes now! Try it out, simple and easy for a quick bite.

This one is 3 different takes on #avotoast with just a few simple ingredients:

  1. Avocado, tomatoes and feta cheese
  2. Smashed avocados topped with prosciutto with black pepper
  3. Avocado cubes, tomatoes and gouda cheese



Summer Must Have’s

All Summer Long.

Finally the beaches are open, the pool has been chlorinated and you can smell the hamburgers on the BBQ. Let’s face it, Summer is kind of like Christmas, everyone is happier and with an great shade of tan on their skins.

Memorial Day [Weekend] is the unofficial kick off to Summer! But since everyone is already in Summer mode, what better way than listing the must have’s for your day-to-day-to-beach essentials

Here are some of the fave’s you must have in your closet for the seasons:

The White’s:

It’s no longer frowned upon to wear white. Although, I like to believe you wear whichever color you want all year around, this is the time everyone will be wanting to show off their favorite white essentials.

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Baby We’re the New Romantics

Aaah aah ahh ahh. Cause baby I could build a castle…

Finding yourself, that’s two words that makes me roll my eyes harder than skinny people saying they have to go on a diet.

We all reach an age where we’re constantly asking ourselves: What am I doing with my life?
I thought I had an answer but I’m at a point where I just stopped asking. Because who truly knows?

Finding yourself goes beyond taking major hikes (um no, thanks), traveling the world by yourself (why do I have to be alone?), and getting a drastic haircut (hair’s too precious to mess with).

By taking on these activities and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone doesn’t necessarily mean you have found yourself.

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Spring Styles from PopShop Style Boutique

It’s officially Spring time and the weather is finally promising this week, with beautiful blue skies and the warmth of a high sixty wind. You know 60’s (F) is heavenly weather, and borderline almost tanning weather.

To celebrate this weather I’ll be talking about my new obsession. I have found the cutest, most stylish and not to mention affordable boutique for us fashion gals to shop. PopShop Style is one of Dobbs Ferry, NY newest and coolest boutique to find the best clothing for your day-today basics and as well as date night.

They have clothing not only for college girls, but also are also getting attention from the younger crowd—and who can blame them, shopping at PopShop Style definitely makes them mini fashionistas.

Other than warm smiles and friendly chatters from the owners, the boutique itself gives off a vibe that draws you in, and for sure cannot leave the store without a purchase.

My favorite picks:

“The Cali-Girl”


I’m a sucker for anything white and beige. I don’t know why, maybe it’s because I feel like I can totally pull this look off—tan, of course. Putting my love for tanning aside, I just love the white pants and beige sweater look. It’s very California Girl, the colors bringing a ‘beachy’ vibe as well as the gorgeous details of the sweater.


This shirt-sweater is worth having. Not only the details are exquisite, it’s also perfect for Spring and Summer. The opening on the shoulder gives off a fun and flirty vibe that is not trying too hard. This shirt-sweater can be paired with jeans, shorts and my fave white pants.

“Spring Wonderland”

Every girl should have in her closet a little black dress as well as a little white dress. Luckily for you, I have two gorge white dresses that it’s just a jaw-dropping must have.

Little White Dress DayTime


This strapless dress is perfect for daytime chic-ness. The top pyramid patterned top gives the dress more shape to a flowy dress.

Little White Dress Nighttime


The white dress that will turn heads. With its detailed horizontal line patterns and the sweetness of the neckline will draw attention, but what I love the most is the back. It has two opening details on the back, showing a little more skin but in a ‘conservative’ way. Here’s a tip, pair this dress with a black leather jacket (if weather permits) and some pumps—heads will roll.


What’s hot right now:

“The Not So Average Black Dress”



This dress is one of PopShop Style’s most wanted dress, and by looking at it we sure do know why.

Yeah, I know. I think I’m in love with these clothes too. Don’t worry, I’ll post more aaah-mazing must haves from them sometime soon. Because, I too can’t live without these cutisies trends.

There’s so much more—check them out www.popshopstyle.com