Floral?For Spring?Groundbreaking.

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Everyone’s been talking about Zara and it’s priceless Spring collection. Except, “priceless” comes with a price tag of $69.90  plus tax.

What is so special about florals for the Spring? Nothing.

Every year it’s the same concept but retailers want you to believe this time is different. Kind of like that guy that says he’ll text you later. He never does, shocking.

“Floral? For Spring? Groundbreaking.” —because, duh. Continue reading “Floral?For Spring?Groundbreaking.”

Yes, Mother: Psycho Barn

Yes, mother.

Norman Bates will forever be the creepiest and most iconic character of a thriller movie.

Psycho, directed by Hitchcock in the 60’s, the movie has become one of Americas best horror thriller film known by the infamous shower scene.  

As a Hitchcock fan this is a MUST see attractions for the Summer. The Met Museum created the Psycho Barn exhibit on the museums rooftop overlooking the city. 

The barn is very detail oriented and an exact replica of the one in the movie. The exhibit will be up until end of October–which is THE season to go see it one last time.

While you’re at it, enjoy drinks at the bar and the city’s beautiful skyline.

Bill Cunningham: A Tribute

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He who seeks beauty, will find it.

Billy Cunningham was an amazing American Photographer for the New York Times covering street style as well as every fashion shows throughout the years. It was very sad to find out last week, Bill at 87 years old had passed away.

Bill was the type of person to see beauty in everything around him. He dedicated his life to his job, capturing beautiful moments on the runway as well as on the streets to captivate and show the true meaning of fashion and beauty of life. Continue reading “Bill Cunningham: A Tribute”



Here’s how it happened: Last week my friend texted me “Kylie restocked her lip kits, if you want to get one this would be the time”. And what did I do? I immediately went on the website, and took out my credit card in the middle of a crowded train, and got myself the lip kit.
Honestly, I didn’t know if I was going to make it. The cart was shaking, there were people bumping into me, and not to mention terrible cell service. But I powered through and managed to get Kourt K on my shopping cart.

Kourt and I are basically the same person. We both eat Kit-Kats, some at a smaller bite than others,(we’ve all seen the video, K.) so I thought it would be idealistic to get her color. 

If a product is always selling out it must be good.

In less than one week, I had the lip kit at my door calling my name.

Say my name, say my name. 

The packaging is beautiful and very well put together. It’s one of those boxes that you just want to keep–alongside her handwritten thank you note. Nice touch, Kylizzlemynizzl.

The product is very smooth, and like everyone else mentioned, it smells so good. It dries up very fast and has a very nice finish to it. The only problem I had was with the color. Instead of going for the nudes (when in doubt, nude it out), I choose one of the darkest colors, which is never a good idea.

Although I thought I looked a bit wife of Dracula, my friends thought otherwise. If you’re looking to buy Kourt K., have fun and rock those hypothermia lips.

This is actually a good color for Fall/Winter…so can’t wait till then.

Aside from buying the wrong color for myself (totes my fault) the product is great. I would totally buy Exposed or Dolce K., but I’m not sure if I can drop another $40 bucks just for a lipstick.


My lipgloss be poppin’, my lipgloss is cool.