Fashion Friday

Happy Friday! 

Fringe, ✔️

Heels, ✔️

Pop of color on this gloomy day, ✔️


#ThursdayVibes: Robin Sparkles


Let’s go to the mall, today!

Robin Sparkles, Canadian 90s pop sensation, from How I Met Your Mother, is our fashion influence for today.

Take out your old (or new) jean jacket and make it work with your wardrobe. Not only is over-sized jean jacket in right now, it also pairs up great with just any outfit.

Who wouldn’t love a bedazzled jacket like Miss Sparkles?

Ink My Whole Bod: Summer Obsession

Summer is the ultimate time for every other person alive to get at least one henna tattoo or a real one, if they’re brave. But here’s the thing ladies and gents henna tat screams summertime sadness—more like happiness.

I remember always getting henna tats with my best friend during the Summertime. We’d spend hours looking for the right one, because you know, can’t make the mistake of picking a wrong design that would probably last 15 minutes until someone smudges it ahem. But as much as I love the henna, this Summer I’m loving some other type of henna tat. These are called flashy tattoos. Rather being the natural paint brown color, it’s silver and gold.

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Let Me Take a Selfie: Rules of Snap-chattin & Other Shenanigans

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 8.02.40 PM

Our generation is fascinated with a little thing called—the selfie. Peace sign, duck face, kissy face, smiley face, sad face…we’ve all done it.

Snap-chatting is the “cool” thing to do now. You’re out for girls night—let’s take a selfie, you’re out at the mall—another one, oh wait! There’s that Starbucks coffee run—let’s take another selfie (with your Venti soy iced caramel unsweetened frap no whip, of course). But my question is, why do we think other people want to see a five second (trust me, five seconds is long enough) picture of our faces?


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